The Overall Trend


Overalls used to be my one step to success staple piece when I was younger. Have a cute shirt? Toss on some overalls and call it a day! It was simplistically chic before I even knew the term. Now of course I was not trendy enough, at that stage in my life, to even consider paring it with heels, but we all know the best thing about style is evolution. So here we are, in 2013 recreating trends and sh*t….

Now in lieu of Throwback Thursday we here at Blush think it’s about that time to reintroduce you to the trend and provide our BFF’s (You the readers of course!) with various ways to make the trend work for you, without looking as if farming was on your list of things to do for the day!

Heidi Klum, Overalls, Fashion, Trend Alert, Denim

The Traditional Way

Tossing on some sneaks and a tank will never be frowned upon when rocking your denim overalls. Remember, you are going for an effortless look here… When in doubt think WWHKD (“What Would Heidi Klum Do?”)

Rihanna, London, Overalls, Fashion, Trend Alert, Denim

Simplistically Chic

High Heels & Crop Tops have been floating around the web for some time now… Don’t be scared pair them with your new found denim trend and watch the compliments come in. Think about the boyfriend jean when coordinating your ensemble, in order for you to ensure you dont get too far gone in trying to dress up this fit. Go on enjoy yourself, Rock that Sh*t Like Fashion… 😉

Rita Ora, Overalls, Fashion, Trend Alert, Denim

Funky Phresh

Have some good old fashion fun with this look. Toss in some colors, prints, a bold lip and tons of attitude. You might even be able to incorporate a sneaker wedge with this fit. Remember fashion has no rules when you have style!

Until Next Time,

Your BFF (Blush Fashion Files)


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