FASHIONISTA FIND: H&M Perforated Sneakers

Yesterday I went shopping at H&M to grab some new shirts for my guy and I swore I was NOT going to buy anything for myself. I absolutely REFUSED, this was about him, not me and I was going to bite the bullet and walk past the glowing racks of their summer sale. I was doing great I really was, I mean I tried on a couple of items, but in my defense that was for future references a.k.a. tomorrow 😉 Now back to the point of all this endless blabbering….

I made it to the front of the store, his items in hand (which are super cute by the way) and I spotted the cutest sneakers for such a bargain! Of course my face lit up with joy, that was until the mister gave me a side-eye… Which then led me to act as though I was in complete control. *Loud Sigh* He wasn’t a fan of the sneakers anyway but I LOVED them and they were on sale for $10 and they came in pink!

H&M, Sneakers, Pink, perforated , High Tops,

What more could a girl ask for?! Well against my better judgement I walked away and decided to pass on them, that was until I was shopping SoleStruck 40% off Sale today and came across these beauties…

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, Margiela, Perforated High Top Sneaker, High Tops

I love them, I really do, and although they are on sale for $197.97 marked down from $394.95 I couldn’t bring myself to purchasing them knowing there is a pair almost identical waiting for me at my local H&M.

Ladies the choice is yours save on Margiela or SUPER save @ H&M. One way or the other you save so it’s a win, win… Im already not a sneakerhead so when I see sneakers I like its a big deal…Hey a girls tosies need a break here and there no? I myself will be revisiting H&M tonight!


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